Introducing Dodie and Bo…

Dodie and Bo live on the same street and have been friends ever since Dodie’s family moved in, when they were smaller pups than they are now.

Dodie is full of bright ideas, and Bo is usually happy to go along with them!

Dodie and Bo had their first outing this month, in the pages of the rather wonderful Earwig* magazine…in which they got to spray their Headteacher with Stinky Turnip Juice.**
* (can’t insert link right now!)
** Dodie and Bo do not recommend that children spray their teachers with Stinky Turnip Juice (although Pongy Parsnip Juice is a different matter…)

Dream a little dream of Snow


We’ve been dreaming of Spring…but then today there was a brief and beautiful flurry of snow, and Proper Winter Things seemed a possibility instead of just a memory.

The snow lasted long enough to soak me on my way back from town, but the kids only caught a glimpse of it from their school assembly.
Shouldn’t schools fling open their doors with glee and bundle coats and hats onto one and all when it snows for the first time in years? My 6 year old can’t remember ever seeing snow.


ML panto hatThis weekend I have been creating a prototype horse hat for my daughter’s school pantomime. The ears actually stick upright and not out (I forgot that when I was doodling).

At the moment it looks like it could be pretty much any animal…despite the addition of a dodgy-looking mane. BUT something fancy and a bit circus-horse-ish will happen on the top. I hope. Then I’ll need to make four of them!

Big School

The transition from primary school to secondary school for my 11 year old has been trickier than I expected…not just getting the bus and doing homework every day but the Things To Be Remembered!

Bus Money…Buying the Bus Ticket…Lunch…Piano Music…Homework…Watch…Coat…Really Heavy Books…Emergency Bus Money…Calculator…etc. And once there – remembering to go to a piano lesson…not missing the bus…being in the right classroom at the right time…

So here I am driving to her school on Monday morning with the Forgotten Cooking Ingredients (most of which I had to stop off and buy because I’d forgotten too).

And it was all ok and life went on.

small Forgotten Ingredients

Back to school…

Tuesday No matter how early I get up, there’s always something that turns our anticipated relaxing saunter down the road to school into a mad scramble of Lost Things, Urgent Needs and…Slugs.