#inktober 13th: palette

Today I didn’t find time to draw anything, so for #inktober I’m posting a scrap of paper that started as I doodled a few characters then got reused as a palette as I tested out different inks last week.

Sometimes I think there’s more life in these scraps than in the finished pieces – I overlap colours as I test them in a way I daren’t try  in something I’m going to show people. So…maybe I need to see if I can bring some of that into my artwork.

#inktober 12th: walkies

Today I passed a woman taking her dog for a walk IN A BUGGY. He (she?) was wearing a cone round his/her neck.

(In fact she was arranging a rain cover over him but I thought that wouldn’t make such a good picture).

#inktober 2nd: Origami

I thought of choosing a list of themes for Inktober this year…but instead I decided to concentrate on  experimenting with my palette.

I snipped some colours out of paint charts (mixing colours I wouldn’t usually use with a few favourites) and chose one this morning with my eyes closed.

It was pink and I was really tempted to put it back and start the random colour selecting tomorrow, as I’d envisaged this little scene in red – but I made myself stick with it and ended up enjoying it. (I allowed myself to choose green to go with it, which helped).

So here’s to a whole month of different colours!