Big School

The transition from primary school to secondary school for my 11 year old has been trickier than I expected…not just getting the bus and doing homework every day but the Things To Be Remembered!

Bus Money…Buying the Bus Ticket…Lunch…Piano Music…Homework…Watch…Coat…Really Heavy Books…Emergency Bus Money…Calculator…etc. And once there – remembering to go to a piano lesson…not missing the bus…being in the right classroom at the right time…

So here I am driving to her school on Monday morning with the Forgotten Cooking Ingredients (most of which I had to stop off and buy because I’d forgotten too).

And it was all ok and life went on.

small Forgotten Ingredients

Soggy in an Amphitheatre

When we were in France recently we got caught in a rain storm while we were looking around an amazing Roman amphitheatre.

We sheltered for a bit (and watched the film about it’s history several times) but eventually realised that we’d have to make a run for it.amphitheatre in France

While I cunningly fashioned rain ponchos for the children out of plastic bags from the gift shop, my husband ran off to get an umbrella from the car.

He came back with a Handy Tarpaulin that my Dad had given us (thanks, Dad!) and so we scuttled through the streets, holding the tarpaulin over the children (and bits of us). I got pretty soaked as if I held it over my head (I was at the back) I couldn’t see where we were going…but it was a holiday and Good Things were nearby and instead of feeling glum we just got GLORIOUSLY WET.