ML panto hatThis weekend I have been creating a prototype horse hat for my daughter’s school pantomime. The ears actually stick upright and not out (I forgot that when I was doodling).

At the moment it looks like it could be pretty much any animal…despite the addition of a dodgy-looking mane. BUT something fancy and a bit circus-horse-ish will happen on the top. I hope. Then I’ll need to make four of them!

Soggy in an Amphitheatre

When we were in France recently we got caught in a rain storm while we were looking around an amazing Roman amphitheatre.

We sheltered for a bit (and watched the film about it’s history several times) but eventually realised that we’d have to make a run for it.amphitheatre in France

While I cunningly fashioned rain ponchos for the children out of plastic bags from the gift shop, my husband ran off to get an umbrella from the car.

He came back with a Handy Tarpaulin that my Dad had given us (thanks, Dad!) and so we scuttled through the streets, holding the tarpaulin over the children (and bits of us). I got pretty soaked as if I held it over my head (I was at the back) I couldn’t see where we were going…but it was a holiday and Good Things were nearby and instead of feeling glum we just got GLORIOUSLY WET.

Sketchbook: preparing for a trip…

In all the mayhem of packing, the kids amused themselves with simple traditional games.
Packing for two weeks away, including camping stuff…
about to set off
High levels of excitement as we set off…
hotel breakfast
My 8 year old ate several breakfasts at the hotel breakfast buffet…luckily he wasn’t car sick this time!

Sunday in the Studio

Anyone in the Stroud area…I’m having a Studio Sale on Sunday! If you’d like to come, please let me know and I’ll give you directions.

Anyone interested and not in the Stroud area….there’ll be lots of Sale work up on the website soon!
Sale invite

Dogs & a Drawathon

TedThis is the School Dog at my children’s school, who I saw this week sporting an Inflatable Anti-Scratch Collar. I’d never seen an inflatable one before – it looked like a big black doughnut.       

And this is a dog NOT wearing an inflatable collar. She’s not gloating though.


Like many people, since the shocking news of the recent earthquakes in Nepal I’ve been wondering what I could do to help.

I came up with the idea of a sponsored Drawathon at the school which will last for one school day, with other artist friends helping too.

All the children in the school will come and draw with us, and the money that we raise will go directly to a school in Patan, which is South of Kathmandu. We’ll draw onto one long piece of paper and have one class at a time working on it. I’m still finalising the details!

drawathon leaflet