Sketchbooks I: Surroundings

Trying out pencil and pen together on a morning walk

Throughout this long period of Lockdown we’ve been lucky to be able to work from home and homeschool.

More experiments – pen for trees and pencil for houses, or vice versa?

When we were only allowed out to exercise, I really missed being able to stop and draw. I used to love drawing people in streets, supermarkets and cafes.

Drawing the view from my window with sticks dipped in ink.

Homeschooling meant that instead of having whole mornings in my studio, I was only picking up my sketchbook for the odd half hour, which felt frustrating. Eventually I worked out more of a balance, but it took time.

I found that I keep coming back to drawing tiny faraway houses nestling in the hills where I live!

I began to draw everyday objects, my garden, my family and the views from my windows, and realised that there was so much I could learn from what was around me.

A quick warm up drawing in my studio – I like the accidental splodge of red in the middle.

I also did a lovely online illustration course by The Good Ship Illustration (more about that later!) which helped me to experiment with how and what I draw.

An old tractor, roped off – to the dismay of passing kids.

When we could spend a bit more time outside, I found I was drawing in a different way – really looking at my surroundings. By limiting myself to only 2 or 3 materials when I’m out and about, I don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to get everything in.

Drawing by the sea after being at home for so long was exhilarating …

Has anyone else used sketchbooks more, or in a different way, during Lockdown? Or even started drawing for the first time?

2 thoughts on “Sketchbooks I: Surroundings

  1. So happy to see you pop up in my reader, Martha, and to learn you’ve adapted your art practice to the times. I follow another artist, Sue Clancy, and she’s been determinedly prolific which I marvel at because I’ve found my brain is foggy with worry at times and reluctant to do the work of observing that leads to writing. I try to ride the waves and not stress about the down time. Here’s Sue’s link in case you’re interested:

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    1. Hi Susanne, thank you – and lovely to see you pop up in my comments too! I’ll have a look at Sue’s website. I can hear the Worry Fog could get in the way of observing and writing….I’ve just been reading your latest about the lo-o-o-ng cycle ride, which sounds wonderful (love your husband’s comments in the midst of the natural markers!) Looking forward to catching up on more posts, I’ve been offline for a while! xx

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