#inktober 13th: palette

Today I didn’t find time to draw anything, so for #inktober I’m posting a scrap of paper that started as I doodled a few characters then got reused as a palette as I tested out different inks last week.

Sometimes I think there’s more life in these scraps than in the finished pieces – I overlap colours as I test them in a way I daren’t try  in something I’m going to show people. So…maybe I need to see if I can bring some of that into my artwork.

#inktober 12th: walkies

Today I passed a woman taking her dog for a walk IN A BUGGY. He (she?) was wearing a cone round his/her neck.

(In fact she was arranging a rain cover over him but I thought that wouldn’t make such a good picture).

#inktober 10th: ow!

On Friday my 7 year old had such bad growing pains that the school called me to pick her up…

It passed eventually but it was Very Painful for her (and horrible for me not really understanding what was happening, my other kids have never had growing pains).