6 thoughts on “#inktober 3rd: Floor

    1. Yes, that’s just happened to me since painting this! Thank you Susanne…that reminds me that this is just a phase and I’m in no hurry for it to end. I’m curious, did you write much when your children were small?


      1. I did not write at all for most of my adult life except for work and the occasional whinging poem. I got back to writing through blogging when I started a blog about international adoption and being an interracial family. Then my kids said one day “Don’t tell mom or she’ll blog about it.” so I stopped that blog pronto. Gradually I started writing fiction and poetry again all of which I attribute to blogging. If I hadn’t started writing here I doubt I’d have ever had the courage to try writing for publication. So I encourage you to keep going, Martha. I love your work!

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      2. Thank you Susanne. It’s so interesting to hear how other people have started or gone back to writing. I find that whilst I can always find time to draw, even if only for a few minutes, I need to remind myself how much I love to write and allow myself time for that too! Thank you for your encouraging words. I LOVE reading about your characters!

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