Dream a little dream of Snow


We’ve been dreaming of Spring…but then today there was a brief and beautiful flurry of snow, and Proper Winter Things seemed a possibility instead of just a memory.

The snow lasted long enough to soak me on my way back from town, but the kids only caught a glimpse of it from their school assembly.
Shouldn’t schools fling open their doors with glee and bundle coats and hats onto one and all when it snows for the first time in years? My 6 year old can’t remember ever seeing snow.

5 thoughts on “Dream a little dream of Snow

  1. What?? Never seen snow?? I definitely think schools should have sent all the kids outside to catch flakes on their tongues and feel them on their eyelashes and have them drip on the ends of their noses.

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  2. I just posted a bar of chocolate with twelve cockatoos stuck to it to my mother and I am largely blaming you. I am surrounded by illustrators who I both envy and greatly admire, well done! I just love this diorama thing you are doing and I can’t wait to buy the books in the shops. Luce x Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 21:53:03 +0000 To: lucy_birkinshaw@hotmail.com

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    1. Thanks dear Lucy, a printmaker I envy and admire! Bet your Mum will love those cockatoos…good to work with you again today! Xx


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