One day my Prints will come…

print blue disorderly
A lovely print for sale…

Here are some prints of ink drawings…they’re floating around my studio looking for a home where they can hang on a wall and maybe wink at some other pictures across the room.

I have 3 of both and they are £20 each plus postage (and my daughter tells me I should add that the title to this post does not refer to how long it will take me to post them).

print amphitheatre
Another lovely print for sale…

Of Coati and Coats…

small Coati coatIt has recently been revealed in the Working Animals Gazette that most shop-bought coats have been made by bands of nimble-fingered South American coatis.

An attempt to interview them about their pay was met with snorts and woofs of laughter from the coatis, who claim that sewing coats is a restful and creative community activity, and that three pieces of fruit and two bird eggs a day was all they required as payment.

They also added that their embroidery was much more delicate than that of the foxes from the other side of the forest, and that fox-made coats tended to be a bit whiffy.

Big School

The transition from primary school to secondary school for my 11 year old has been trickier than I expected…not just getting the bus and doing homework every day but the Things To Be Remembered!

Bus Money…Buying the Bus Ticket…Lunch…Piano Music…Homework…Watch…Coat…Really Heavy Books…Emergency Bus Money…Calculator…etc. And once there – remembering to go to a piano lesson…not missing the bus…being in the right classroom at the right time…

So here I am driving to her school on Monday morning with the Forgotten Cooking Ingredients (most of which I had to stop off and buy because I’d forgotten too).

And it was all ok and life went on.

small Forgotten Ingredients

Woolly Hats

This is one of the loveliest commissions I’ve had – “Could you paint me a dog on a gold background please?”Dora

I added the flowers because it was for a garden designer who has a beausmall Jack Racoontiful garden.

And on the theme of woolly hats…

This racoon hasn’t quite got the hang of knitting yet, but he’s determined to make a balaclava for his sweetheart Minnie. And I’m sure she’ll love it no matter how wonky it is.