Top Aardvark Fact

Did anyone know that the only fruit the aardvark eats is the aardvark cucumber, which fruits underground???*

Apparently it grunts while it’s foraging.

This was a quick drawing for a new weekly drawing challenge on Twitter – Animal Alphabets, started by Chris Chatterton.

*This aardvark has never seen an aardvark cucumber, so he’s hoping it looks a bit like a normal cucumber…aardvark

Charity Auction of Artwork for Save the Children

I’ve just put this ink drawing on eBay as part of the Colour Collective charity auction for Save the Children. It’s to help the work they do in Syria and other places and to contribute to their Refugee Crisis Campaign.

Colour Collective is a weekly Twitter Challenge created by Penny Neville-Lee in which a single colour is posted every week. Artists respond to that colour in any medium they choose and post their artwork together on Friday evening….when you can watch a stream of beautiful images appear from 19.30 onwards.

after school small

I drew this today for the Phthalo Blue week, although I used phthalo turquoise instead because it’s late on Friday night and that’s what I had. It was inspired by that moment when my 5 year old rushes out of school and nearly knocks me to the ground (in fact did knock me over today – but quite gently).

    I’ve also put this drawing into the Save the Children auction. They’re both on for 10 days and start at £0.99…….amphitheatre in France

Soggy in an Amphitheatre

When we were in France recently we got caught in a rain storm while we were looking around an amazing Roman amphitheatre.

We sheltered for a bit (and watched the film about it’s history several times) but eventually realised that we’d have to make a run for it.amphitheatre in France

While I cunningly fashioned rain ponchos for the children out of plastic bags from the gift shop, my husband ran off to get an umbrella from the car.

He came back with a Handy Tarpaulin that my Dad had given us (thanks, Dad!) and so we scuttled through the streets, holding the tarpaulin over the children (and bits of us). I got pretty soaked as if I held it over my head (I was at the back) I couldn’t see where we were going…but it was a holiday and Good Things were nearby and instead of feeling glum we just got GLORIOUSLY WET.