4 thoughts on “A bear and a mouse…

    1. Hi Ben, it was an idea for a book that I didn’t use – I just used the image for some postcards! I found that there was another children’s book with a very similar storyline, although it looked completely different, so I scrapped the idea…


      1. Do you have any postcards available for sale by any chance? Or might I buy a digital copy of the image to make my own card? We have a running joke in our house with my wife and 5 year old that there is an ‘eclair mouse’ that steals the last chocolate eclair from the fridge!

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      2. Heh heh, this is a perfect fit then! I love that!
        I don’t think I have any more postcards – but I could email you a digital copy of it for £10. I could resize it if you wanted to print it bigger than postcard size.
        And of course I’d be happy for you to print it as many times as you like!

        Sorry for my delay in replying, I only saw your message today.


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