World Book Day 2015

RRH drawingOn World Book Day I was inspired by the enthusiasm of the 4-7 year olds who came to draw their favourite book characters in fold-out booklets with me and artists Hannah Dyson, Susie Walker and Lucy Birkenshaw. A lot of them drew themselves in their costumes as well as their favourite characters, but there were some very interesting non-book related drawings too – I was intrigued by the large black cat who was bouncing on a trampoline, being controlled by Darth Vader using the Force.

And I was delighted that in the school lunch hour, 45 of the key stage 2 children (7-11 year olds) chose to come and join us and draw their favourite characters. The room was spilling over with drawing children, sitting on the floor as there weren’t enough chairs or tables…reminding me how important it is to allow them the time and space to be creative.